Eye Exam for Contact Lenses

At Golden Hills Optical we conduct a thorough eye exam to determine a best contact lens type for the patient eyes, type of the prescription that they have and their visual needs. During the exam patient is given a pair of trial lenses to take home and try them in their natural environment (work, school, playing sports etc.)  At the follow up visit which is typically scheduled in about a week doctor ensures the best vision and comfort in the contact lenses and makes sure lenses are fitted properly. Any adjustment if needed can be done during a follow up visit and then prescription is finalized.

For the first time contact lens wearers we are happy to offer a class on how to insert/remove  contact lenses and care for them.

We offer the following options:

  • Regular (spherical lenses)
  • Astigmatism (toric lenses)
  • Bifocals
  • Monovision
  • Hard/ Gas permeable

CRT Special lenses implications of which include myopia control and they work well for those who’s lifestyle and occupational habits make it inconvenient for them to wear contact lenses during the day or particular activity